Provider Selection Criteria

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Completion Rate

Completion is generally defined as how many articles the news provider’s server has versus how many articles there are actually on all of Usenet. Basically, it’s the percentage of how many articles are complete and available for download on the usenet provider’s news servers. Many files/articles and text conversations have several parts/messages that contain all the data for the file. If a particular file or thread is missing articles, it is known as incomplete. The user will not be able to reconstruct the file without someone else reposting the part of the file or through the use of Par2 Files.

The better the completion rate of a newsgroup service, the less likely the user will have to wait to get the reposted files or fix the file by downloading Par2 files.

Many vendors claim 99% completion but have completion issues with older articles on their news servers. UseNetServer claims >99% completion and they seem to have very good completion in their older dated articles. If you would like to see, you can sign up for a free trial.