Usenet Newsgroup Download Speed

Connection speed limits may be an issue for some newsserver customers who access servers outside their country. We recommend you stick with leading Usenet provider like UseNetServer, Newshosting or NewsDemon. As they all offer multiple news server farms. Located in both the United States and Europe. Allowing for maximum performance when at home or traveling. Tip: only use the number of connections necessary to max your connection or reach desirable speed. Using more only ties up system resources.

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Usenet Download Speed

Download speeds offered by a Usenet provider are also one of the most important criteria when selecting a newsgroup service provider.

The download speed that a user is able to achieve is dependent on several things:
- Number of paths the Usenet provider has to the Internet.
- The connection speed of the user.
- The connectivity the ISP has out the internet backbone to reach your news servers
- Any speed limits or traffic shaping done by the ISP. This can be avoided by using SSL offered by your Usenet vendor.
- Location of the vendor’s news servers.

Some Usenet providers limit the speed of their users throughput by limiting the speed of the connections. They may only guarantee 500 kbps for each connection and offer only 20 connections giving the users a total download speed of 10 Mbps. This might be sufficient for some broadband connections but faster download speed packages are offered by ISPs as they improve networks.

You can test your download speed here.